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Weston JFC achieve five stars in National Club Development Program

February 11th, 2021

Weston Junior Football Club have become the latest Northern NSW Football club to achieve recognition as a five-star club in the National Club Development Program.

NNSWF Club Development Officer Phillip Andrews and Sarah White from Hunter Valley Football attended a registration afternoon with Weston JFC to recognise their achievement.

“Weston Junior FC has a firm objective to grow an outstanding football club as part of their community,” Andrews said.

“Over the last few seasons, Weston Junior FC have been extremely pro-active in promoting football to their local community and growing its player base. The club has hosted MiniRoos Kick Off programs with consistently strong registration numbers. Kick On for Women programs delivered by the club also attract high participation numbers.”

Kick-On for Women Project Officer Michelle Forbes has worked closely with the Weston JFC committee to establish a Kick-On for Women hub at Varty Park. The committee are conscious of creating opportunities that serve their community. By offering Kick-On for Women at no cost to the women in their town, they are sending a message that all women and girls have a place in their club.

“I attended their first session on Tuesday, 9 February and the women who have registered are a ball of fun,” Forbes said.

“Some women have chosen to use this activity as a way of being a physically active role model for their daughters too.”

Weston Juniors have also been working closely with Andrews to increase their club’s governance.

“President Sam has used the structure of the NCDP to establish a governance platform that will accommodate growth in the club in the years to come,” Andrews said.

“Positive relationships with the community continue to develop and reflect positive growth in sponsorships. Work to enhance the facilities at Varty Park, secure the administration building and improve the playing conditions have come from a developing relationship with Cessnock Council.

“The club has listened to its members and established a Team App page to improve the delivery of essential club communication. This will allow Sam to continue filling the club’s Facebook page with photographs of happy kids enjoying playing football.

“We look forward to continuing our relationship with the club and joining them on their exciting journey of growth.”

The Football Australia National Club Development Program was launched nationally in September 2019 and is available to all NNSWF clubs. 24 Northern NSW Clubs have already completed the program with numerous other clubs completing actions.

For assistance in achieving your accreditation and improving your club, contact NNSWF Club Development Officer Phillip Andrews  or 02 4941 7206.

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