NNSWF State SAP Championships for Girls | Fixtures & Results

October 4th, 2018

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Today we will see two champions be crowned as the Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) State SAP Championship Winners in the 12 and 14 Years age group.

With Presentations at 2 pm, today shapes up to be an exciting day.


12 Years

9:25am Mid North Coast v North Coast

10:20am Hunter Valley v NNSWF NEW SAP

11:15am Macquarie v NNSW Select SAP

12:10pm Mid North Coast v Northern Inland

1:05pm NNSWF NEW SAP v North Coast

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions

14 Years

8:30am North Coast 0 drew Mid North Coast 0

9:25am Wallsend v Northern Inland

10:20am Hunter Valley v Warners Bay

11:15am North Coast v Adamstown

12:10pm Northern Inland v NNSW Select SAP

1:05pm Mid North Coast v Wallsend

2:00pm Presentation of Medallions



Day two of the Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) State SAP Championships for Girls has seen a lot of teams impress and progress through the ranks in their age divisions.

In the 12 Years Girls competition it’s head to head with a potential of four teams in the running of becoming the 2018 Champions.

Some of the key matches of the decider will be Select SAP verse Macquarie Football at 11:15 am and Football Mid North Coast and Northern Inland at 12:10 pm.

NNSWF Female SAP Advisor and former Westfield Matilda, Lauren Colthorpe, said the standard and competitiveness of the 12 Years Girls has ‘lifted again’.

“The Northern NSW Select side particularly, who haven’t spent a lot of time together, went to another level today,” Colthorpe said.

“Overall it was great to see the desire of the players to do well for their teams, to be positive going forward and have the confidence to be creative.”

Colthorpe also added that there “has been some great team goals scored over the past two days.”

For the 14 Years, Football Mid North Coast hold a 100% record after five matches after only conceding 1 goal over of the two days.

North Coast Football will be up against two key opponents against potential champions Herald Women’s Premier League (WPL) teams Football Mid North Coast and Adamstown Rosebud JFC.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne felt that the standard of performances on day two has improved but is still looking out for some more potential players for next year’s Identification camp for the National Youth Championships.

“There were some good individual performances today from girls who may not have stood out yesterday,” Browne said.

“There are quite a few effective players, but we are also looking for girls who look to control the ball and then try and play intelligent passes.

“From a defensive point of view, we are looking for players who can not only defend 1 v 1 but also have the confidence to pass the ball out from the back.

“On the attacking side obviously having the composure and technique to create and take scoring opportunities is an asset that will prove invaluable for any aspiring young player,” Browne concluded.



12 Years

9:25am North Coast 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (A. Powell 36′)

10:20am NNSW Select SAP 1 (S. Hart 36′) def. by Mid North Coast 3 (T. Mackie 3′, M. Crabbe 19′, Z. Williams 37′)

11:15am Macquarie 1 (J. Thompson 9′) def. NNSWF NEW SAP 0

12:10pm Northern Inland 0 def. Hunter Valley 1 (E. Mcdonald 7′)

1:05pm NNSW Select SAP 6 (S. Hart 9′, L. Mostert 9′, S. Hart 17′, O. Kane 21′, 25 & 26′) def. North Coast 0

2:00pm NNSWF NEW SAP 0 drew Mid North Coast 0

2:55pm Macquarie 0 drew Hunter Valley 0

3:50pm NNSW Select SAP 3 (S. Hart 12′ & 14′, L. Mostert 21′) def. Northern Inland 0

14 Years

8:30am Warners Bay 0 drew NNSW Select SAP 0

9:25am Adamstown 0 def. by v Mid North Coast 3 (G. Watts 17′, M. Bales 23′, E. Amato 28′)

10:20am Hunter Valley 0 def. by Wallsend 2 (H. Wilson 24′, E. Hills 40′)

11:15am Northern Inland 1 (E. Allen 25′) drew North Coast 1 (J. Welsh 28′)

12:10pm NNSW Select SAP 1 (M. Mayson 40′) def. by Adamstown 2 (A. Ossington 5′, S. Suters 20′)

1:05pm Wallsend 0 drew Warners Bay 0

2:00pm North Coast 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (S. Whitley 14′)

2:55pm Mid North Coast 3 (J. Watts 14′, 27′ 38′) def. Northern Inland 0

3:50pm Adamstown 1 (F. Woodworth 16′) def. Warners Bay 0

4:45pm North Coast 2 (F. Lloyd 25′, E. Knott 31′) def. NNSW Select SAP 1 (B. Black)

5:40pm Northern Inland 1 (E. Allen 10′) def. Hunter Valley 0



Over 220 of Northern NSW’s most promising young female footballers have kicked off their Northern NSW Football (NNSWF) State SAP Championships for Girls campaign today in Coffs Harbour.

In the 12 Years Girls, Northern Inland Football remain undefeated after their three matches of the day while NNSWF Select and Football Mid North Coast remain undefeated after their two matches.

The final game of the day saw an entertaining 3-all draw between Northern Inland and Macquarie Football.

For the 14 Years Girls it has been a close competition with all bar two matches having been decided by two goals or less. Mid North Coast is leading the table after being undefeated in their three matches of the day.

NNSWF have a technical group present across the tournament to assess players and coaches on the key components of the Football Federation Australia National Curriculum.

NNSWF Technical Director Michael Browne who assessed the 14 Years Girls said he was impressed with the performances displayed on day one.

“Overall it was a pleasing first day,” Browne said.

“The main purpose of the tournament is for us to identify a sufficient number of players to invite into a camp next January.

“The intention is for Northern NSW Football to have a team in both age groups in the 2019 National Youth Championships for Girls and from what I have seen so far I am confident we will be able to have a decent group from which to select our squads for next year.”

NNSWF Female SAP Advisor and former Westfield Matilda, Lauren Colthorpe, who assessed the 12 Years Girls was equally impressed with the level across the park.

“It’s great to see the level improving every year and to be able to identify talented players in the state for the first time,” Colthorpe said.

“It’s always exciting to see the big improvements coming from the teams especially through the Country Zones.

“I’m looking forward to the next two days and getting more of a look at the players.”

Northern NSW’s young match officials at the State SAP Championships have performed excellently in their officiating of a total of 19 matches on the first day of the Championships.

Day two kicks off at 8:30 am for the 14 Years with Warners Bay FC taking on NNSW Select SAP whilst the 12 Years kick off at 9:25 am which will see North Coast Football take on Hunter Valley Football.


12 Years

9:25am North Coast 0 def. by Northern Inland 5 (E. Fraser 3′, 20′ & 21′, D. Barwick-Taylor 29′, J. Johnson 39′)

10:20am Mid North Coast 2 (T. Mackie 30′, A. Logan 33′) def. Macquarie 0

11:15am Hunter Valley 1 (P. Clarke 27′) def. by NNSW Select SAP 3 (T. McLaughlin 8′, O. Kane 9′ & 20′)

12:10pm Northern Inland 2 (E. Fraser 13′ & 28′) def. NNSWF NEW SAP 0

1:05pm North Coast 0 def. by Macquarie 5 (E. Acland 16′, C. Norton 18′, A. Elder 20′, A. Paterson 30′, J. Thompson 37′)

2:00pm Hunter Valley 0 def. Mid North Coast 2 (T. Mackie 35′ & 38′)

2:55pm NNSWF NEW SAP 1 (S. Mcllwain 24′) def. by NNSW Select SAP 4 (M. Walsh 16′, S. Hart 20′, L. Mostert 37′, J. Donoghue 40′)

3:50pm Northern Inland 3 (E. Fraser 5′, 7′ & 22′) drew Macquarie 3 (E. Acland 13′, R. Jones 18′, J. Thompson 35′)

14 Years

8:30am NNSW Select SAP 0 def. by Mid North Coast 2 (C. Hall 5′, M. Bales 35′)

9:25am Adamstown 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (C. Jones 16′)

10:20am Wallsend 0 def. North Coast 2 (O. Onley 12′, N. Morris 30′)

11:15am Warners Bay 2 (G. Peason 17′, 40′) def. Northern Inland 1 (M. Thompson 25′)

12:10pm Hunter Valley 1 1 (K. Hall 33′) def. by Mid North Coast 3 (S. Coster 7′, J. Watts 13′ & 25′)

1:05pm NNSW Select SAP 4 (F. Kirbach 24′ & 28′, A. Jones 29′, B. Black 36′) def. Wallsend 0

2:00pm Northern Inland 3 (E. Allen 6′, C. Cavallaro 36′ & 38′) def. by Adamstown 4 (I. Burlee 5′, J. Seeney 10′, I. Burke 26′, A. Ossington 31′)

2:55pm Warners Bay 0 def. by North Coast 5 (T. Sambrook 4′, E. Knott 8′ & 27′, J. Welch, L. Hallawell)

3:50pm NNSW Select SAP 0 def. by Hunter Valley 1 (L. Geddes 38′)

4:45pm Adamstown 2 (F. Woodforth 5′, I. Burke 21′) def. Wallsend 1 (H. Wilson 6′)

5:40pm Mid North Coast 3 (M. Bales 12′, 14′ & 28′) def. by Warners Bay 0

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