2016 Skill Acquisition Program Squads Announced

November 19th, 2015

Thank you and well done to all players who attended SAP Squad trials at Turner Park throughout October.

Hunter Valley Football is pleased to announce the following 2016 Hunter Hawks SAP Squads:

9yrs Boys

B Butchard
L  Alvarez-Whately
C Stirrat
W Walker
B Hochfaerber
L Duma
E Bell
A Barr
R Hall
H Field
H Tyrell
L Millar
P Bullen
H Pollard
A Brown
H Merchant
D Hatton
H Coleman
K Smith
M Brown
C Harris
K Watts
X Oxford  (GK)
J Butler   (GK)


10yrs Boys

H Sherring
C Aitchison
C Rostron
C Daniels
M Field
K Watkins
J Harrison
K Hutchison
H Chalker
L Quinlan
C Law
J Thompson
J Harney
D Eriksson
T Goora
A Long
T Litwin
J Levy
J Duffy
P Innes
B Byrne


11yrs Boys

J Graham
B Guy
D Mullan
O Stenz
T Kite
H Whatham
L Wellard
K Winter
C Hampson
J Aitchison
W Pannowitz
D Brunner
W Passlow
V Wills
A Herth
C Burzynski
C Duma
K O’Loughlin
J Gorddard
C Dicks  (GK)
J Ford   (GK)

P Mennie
T Gardiner


12yrs Boys

J Gorman
R Fitzpatrick
C Butchard
K Marshall
W Southcombe
J Dowde
A McMahon
L Davis
E Hetherington
R Andrew
L Tatchell
J Lancaster
B Ruigrok
J Roberts
D Walker
M Hurney
Z Brown
J McGrannachan
Z Perry
B Mehrton
K Walker (GK)
M Crowe (GK)


9/10yrs Girls

L Cunningham
G Kingett
H Ledwidge
D Anderson
A Grant
T Hammond
P Clarke
F Hawkins
C Forsyth
D Burisell


11/12yrs Girls

K Good
M Wadwell
D Moore
Z Murdoch
P Capper
E Bailey
H Couchman-Frame
C Jones
O Sanderson

Congratulations to all.

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